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The drive home

I am in a state of limbo right now.  After a year and a half in a top notch grad school, I am faced with numerous opportunities and find myself somewhat lost.  Where do I want to live?  What do I want to do? In these moments of uncertainty, finding a new song, artist or … Continue reading


If you have not yet picked up Feist’s new album, Metals, you should.  The songs are beautifully arranged and as usual, her lyrics touch on deep, deep chords.  It is one of those albums that will heavily influence my own music in the upcoming months. Feist and her team put together some really cool videos … Continue reading

Dreaming Augustana

Quick one.  I love this band.  Brings me back to 2006, my last year of college, and memories with some of the best friends in my life. Their more famous song, Boston, would always come on during the ride back to CT from Boston.  I was looking for apartments that spring and hearing that song … Continue reading

Friday blah

Today is a blah day.  I am exhausted from the week, happy it’s Friday, but still have a laundry list of to do items for the weekend.  And I find myself just feeling sullen. It’s the kind of day where I don’t know what kind of music I feel like listening to.  I’m all over … Continue reading

Sometimes you just need a little bit of….

Banjo.  And this one has it. I used to listen to Matt Wertz quite a bit in college.  He’s great live and writes catchy, feel-good pop music.  I cycled through so many singer-songwriters’ t-shirts and, despite giving away a few of them over the years, still have my Matt Wertz one.  There’s something about the … Continue reading

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