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Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars by electronic house duo Bag Raiders comes on and I just want to dance like a crazy person, by myself, in front of a mirror. Or in my car. Wherever. It’s awesome. Minute 2:39 is especially intoxicating. Advertisements

Bombay Bicycle Club – I have discovered my spring soundtrack


I bought a couple of David Guetta’s albums last week and have been listening to them non-stop…great music to get pumped up while working.  I especially love the song “Titanium” feat. Sia.

Lissie & Stevie Nicks

I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan and have never heard a voice that comes close to her raspy, rich tone.  Except maybe Adele. Today I discovered Lissie. I was listening to Ellie Goulding and iTunes Genius wasn’t helping me out much on creating a playlist.  I hopped on Amazon to see what other music … Continue reading


I have my iTunes on Shuffle today and boy am I glad I do. Rediscovered this gem of a song.  Beautiful song (albeit sad).  It’s the music that caught my attention.

Shark Bites & Guster’s Rainy Days

I was wandering around the grocery store today and found myself in the fruit snack aisle.  Unsurprising since I consider myself somewhat of a gummy connoisseur.  My hand immediately reached for the fruit roll-ups.  I can’t help it.  I’m 27 and I still love them.  Then my eyes spotted a long forgotten friend. Shark Bites. … Continue reading

Discovering new music in samplers

I went on a download frenzy a couple of months ago upon discovering that Amazon offers dozens of artist samplers for FREE.  I tend to buy music in bulk and this causes some delays in listening to everything.  So much so that I often lose track of what I’ve bought and don’t think to listen … Continue reading

A song close to my heart

I love MUTEMATH.  I mean LOVE MUTEMATH.  I am obsessed. I first heard them years ago. Of all their albums, their self-titled one from 2006 is still dearest to my heart.  Every song is a work of art.  I have driven to and been consumed by their music more times than I will count.  It’s … Continue reading

You’re never to old

…to love the holiday season.   I don’t like being cold, but despite myself, I secretly love the first days of winter season and snowfall.  When I was a kid, I would start playing holiday music in September.  My favorite album – Barry Manilow’s Because It’s Christmas.   Today, I find myself wanting to dig … Continue reading

The drive home

I am in a state of limbo right now.  After a year and a half in a top notch grad school, I am faced with numerous opportunities and find myself somewhat lost.  Where do I want to live?  What do I want to do? In these moments of uncertainty, finding a new song, artist or … Continue reading

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