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If you have not yet picked up Feist’s new album, Metals, you should.  The songs are beautifully arranged and as usual, her lyrics touch on deep, deep chords.  It is one of those albums that will heavily influence my own music in the upcoming months. Feist and her team put together some really cool videos … Continue reading

Gary Clark Jr…mmm blues

My boyfriend, Doug, got me into The Black Keys a few years ago.  I’ve followed Ben Harper since college and love his folk approach to blues.  I was reading a recent Rolling Stone issue this morning and came across a review of Gary Clark Jr.’s EP.  All it took was seeing the names “The Black … Continue reading

I have discovered Bon Iver

I bought his album and it’s just gorgeous. It’s one of those albums you can listen to with intention or one you put into the background to sooth. Right now I need the latter. I have a big presentation coming up at work so stress level is higher than usual. Bon Iver is calming me. … Continue reading

I speak to myself

I am a singer-songwriter in my own right and while I don’t want to use this blog to tout my own music, I do want to highlight one song that I wrote years ago that this time of year always reminds me of.  That and another artist that inspired it. All my songs speak to … Continue reading

The Tallest Man on Earth

I first heard “The Wild Hunt” by Swedish folk singer-songwriter Kristian Mattson, a.k.a. The Tallest Man On Earth, two weeks ago when my boyfriend, Doug, showed it to me.  I have a big soft spot for open guitar tunings and maybe that’s the first reason I fell in love with this song.  After processing my … Continue reading

Songs that make me think of Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  Today, my Dad, Mom and sister came up to Boston and we took a ferry out to the Harbor Islands.  It was a gorgeous day and we got the perfect mix of water and land to meet everyone’s liking. My Dad has always had an admirable … Continue reading

Sunday Morning + Music = Love

I have always loved Sunday mornings.  There is something about sitting on the porch, watching early light cast shadows on water and trees that is just magical.  There is nothing else like it. As a song-writer, I have always found Sunday mornings particularly inspiring.  I need calm and time to write and for whatever reason, … Continue reading

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